Women’s obsessions with weddings

Women grow up dreaming of that day when they will be swept off their feet and marry a wealthy man. The reason this occurs is because early in life we talk to young girls about the idea of their wedding and what it will be like. A wedding is symbolized as a glamorous event to young girls.This continues on to the adult years of their life. This picture below was taken last Sunday at the Conway bridal fair. http://www.arkansasbridalcommunity.com/bridal-shows/  As an employee at Rendezvous, we attend a numerous amount of bridal shows. Women are just as crazy about them now as they where when they were little girls.  Bridal fairs are wonderful and show all the amazing things you can have at your wedding.  Not often is it talked about, what happens after the wedding and all the hard work it takes to build a marriage.  https://themarriagefoundation.org/marriage-help-course109/?utm_expid=68273552-3.arpxGdaeQjCQp5uix7dOwA.1&gclid=CMDR4MfPpcsCFZSCaQodVHQDfA&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F image

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