College Sleep Schedule

As a typical college student, I can honestly say I do not get much sleep. Most nights I go to bed at 2 or 3 and wake up at 7:30 for class. That adds up to a short 5ish hours of sleep. That is not even enough sleep for a older person who on average sleeps less. how do college students survive then? One word: NAPS I take a nap on a daily basis. This is the time of the day I look forward to the most. The only thing getting me up in the mornings is the thought that I can soon come back and take a nap. This is true for most students in college. Organized naps should for sure be a thing. I would vote for it.

Steak and Shake ft. LT

Like I said in my last post, the cafeteria food gets bland after a while. It is always good to try something new while in college. Last week I went and tried the recently new Steak and Shake. May I say, it was delicious! Below is a sneak peak at my birthday cake milk shake. I give it a 10/10 for sure. One of the best features of Steak and Shake is the price! It is ridiculously cheap. My meal here was cheaper than most fast food restaurants.  A public service announcement for all college students is that starting in the fall Steak and Shake in Russellville, will be open 24 hours.

Dorm Life: How to prepare for it

As my freshman year starts to come to a close. I have learned a great deal about living in a dorm room. First of all, you learn how to live with a roommate. It is not the easiest situation, my roommate the first semester was an only child. She was for sure not used to having to live with someone else. As you can see in the picture below I now have my own room. Lesson number one, take advantage of the space you have.  Lesson number two, if you have a roommate don’t run them off like. My third tip for living in a dorm is to have a fridge with a separate freezer. Its good to have as much variety as possible when it comes to food. Trust me, you won’t like the cafe for very long.

Judged on how you look

How we present ourselves, reflects a lot in society. Everyday people make judgments about us based on how we dress and our hygiene. This is why it is important to dress professional and take good care of yourself. First impressions are very important. When it comes to a job interview, you want to make sure you are groomed, smell decent, and look the part. Looking the part does not mean you have to have to spend hundreds on a new wardrobe, but instead invest on pieces that you can get multi use out of. Places like TJ Maxx ( )are good places to shop, because they offer clothes at a reasonable price.

Driving in Arkansas

Driving customs are different in all parts of the world. Here in Arkansas our law enforcement strictly enforces laws of driving. For example, here if you are caught speeding you will receive a nasty ticket. However during my visit to Mexico this past summer, I noticed that they do not follow hardly any rules. Riding in a taxi in Mexico was a very scary experience. They do not stop a red lights, and speeding was a normal thing. I was just happy to know they had seat belts. Another difference was their respect for others, if they did not like the way the person ahead was driving they would just bypass them.

Women’s obsessions with weddings

Women grow up dreaming of that day when they will be swept off their feet and marry a wealthy man. The reason this occurs is because early in life we talk to young girls about the idea of their wedding and what it will be like. A wedding is symbolized as a glamorous event to young girls.This continues on to the adult years of their life. This picture below was taken last Sunday at the Conway bridal fair.  As an employee at Rendezvous, we attend a numerous amount of bridal shows. Women are just as crazy about them now as they where when they were little girls.  Bridal fairs are wonderful and show all the amazing things you can have at your wedding.  Not often is it talked about, what happens after the wedding and all the hard work it takes to build a marriage. image

Why do people think littering is okay?

As I walk around campus, I see an occasional piece of trash on the ground. However, off campus, littering is very popular. Although it is illegal, people still do it all the time. I question why is it so socially accepted. I believe it is because it has become something that we see all the time. Through media, and in person we see people throwing trash all over the ground. To cut this disgusting act out, we need to fully show what littering does to our planet. The trash we put out is a major contribution to the bad issues we have. We need to share these gruesome facts and save our planet.