Confessions of a formal store

Not gonna lie, working in a dress store is quite the experience. Every day is a different experience. From brides to tuxedos, we have it all. Working in the real world means you constantly have to deal with rude people, and our store is no exception to that. Constant rudeness is something you just have to deal with. People do not always agree with pricing and when it comes to gowns, they can be pricey. Issues also occur when someone does not agree with the dress choice of the customer. A lot of times, mom will not like a gown that their daughter is in love with. This can cause friction in our store and can cost us a sale.

How pageants can affect people

Below is a picture of two friends of mine. The girls in the red and white dresses are two special people that I got to know through the Miss America Scholarship program. Society sees pageants as a pretty girl show full of uneducated bimbos. Truth is, that is completely incorrect. By being involved in pageants I have made friends that will last a life time. Pageants are full of educated smart young women who strive to make differences in the world. The Miss America organization is the worlds top scholarship provider for women. Miss America herself wins a $50,000 scholarship to help further her education and dreams. This is just a brief description of the many benefits of pageants.


Everyone knows that one guy that labels himself by what brands he uses. For my age group that guy would most likely be associated with Apple. The customers of certain brands feel connected to that brand when they only use it. They are basically a walking advertisement. Below is a picture of a Mac book Air, it is a very expensive product made by Apple. I have noticed that in society, we associate ourselves by what we own. Those who associate with Apple generally make a decent living, or so it seems. Labels of those who do not use Apple are generally labeled as less wealthy. We label others and ourselves based on brands we use in our everyday lives.

Video Gaming

Lets face it, media is everywhere. Each type of media is different, but they all interrelate to each other. Like was said in Mass Communications  class today, the media has us brainwashed. My generation has been exposed to the popular media of video games. Sure they gaming systems have been around for a long time, but everything is much more complex now.   Below are X Box controllers, now do these look identical to any other gaming system controller? Of course not! X Box is its on company and want to have its signature look. This is the same with any other brand, they have a strategy to make their brand the most appealing to costumers and that even includes the controller. image

Over pricing of natural resources

Have you ever noticed how much it is to buy a bottle of water at the store?  A bottle can range anywhere from $1 all the way up to $2+. However, if you buy a gallon of water at the store, it is only $.98. That is a massive difference, plus with the gallon you get so much more bang for your buck. It still seems crazy to me that we even have to pay that for water. Water is a natural resource that we have plenty of, so why is it so expensive? At most restaurants, if you order water it is free. So what is it we are paying $2 for?

The Symbol of the American Flag

The American flag has been around since the early years of our country. To Americans, the flag means many things. It symbolizes our freedom as Americans, as well as, tells a little bit about the history of our country. The fifty stars represent the fifty states that make up our country. The thirteen red and white stripes represent the thirteen original colonies of our land. Ever since I can remember, when I went to school each morning, we would stand up and say the pledge of allegiance before the flag. The pledge symbolizes what the flag means to us as Americans. However, in recent years many have begun to shame the flag and refuse to salute it. My question is, if you are an American should you be required to show this respect?

Education Values

Higher education is a high value in our American culture. We pin-point success as being connected to going to college. In our culture if you go to college, you are more likely to be successful. For the most part that is true. Those with a college degree will make more money in their lifetime, then those without one. Education is even more valued in other countries. For some is it a privilege to get to future their education. Many countries do not let minorities such as women, attend college. I am a young woman, and I am able to go to school as I please. This makes me proud and grateful to be an American.