What if we talked like this? Pt. 2

The second theory on how we communicate is shown in the circular model. http://communicationtheory.org/osgood-schramm-model-of-communication/ This model shows a conversation between person a and person b. Person A is the person who starts the conversation. They give a message off to person B who decodes that message and sends feedback to person A. This also allows person A to be a decoder as well. This model is more believable,because it shows that the person receiving the message is able to respond back. However, this is still not a completely accurate model of how we communicate. In our communication with others, we would continue after the first message is received. This model does not show that. I do like that this model demonstrates the purpose of noise. Noise( http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/noise )can be anything that distracts us from the conversation we are having. This is practical because it happens all the time through communication. image


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